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Q4 2021 Funding Announcement

In Q4 2021, our foundation awarded 17 grants totaling over $6.4 million dollars. Of these, three grants were new, while nine were renewals. This post highlights just some of the many organizations we’re proud to support.

New Jersey Tutoring Corps Expands to School Year after Successful Summer

The NJ Tutoring Corps, a research-informed, high-dosage, small-group tutoring program created by Overdeck Family Foundation and the NJ Pandemic Relief Fund, will expand to the school year starting in January. The program was launched in summer to tackle COVID-related learning loss and accelerate learning recovery for NJ students.

Q3 2021 Funding Announcement

In Q3 2021, our foundation awarded 33 grants totaling over $13.5 million dollars. Of these, six grants were new, while 27 were renewals. This post highlights just some of the many organizations we’re proud to support.

Large group of children celebrating in schoolyard. Image provided by Campaign for Grade Level Reading.

Philanthropy’s Role in Accelerating the Federal Investment in School Recovery

When the American Rescue Plan passed in March, America’s educators celebrated. Reopening schools and expanding opportunities and support for students who need it most suddenly seemed within reach. Anu Malipatil and Karen Hawley Miles explore the unique role philanthropy can play in ensuring these short-term dollars lead to sustainable, successful school designs and positive change.

Jessica Greer, math LEAP Leader at Truesdell Education Campus, at the first district-wide LEAP Summer Intensive, which Leading Educators supported

Why Scaling Cost-Effective Professional Learning Is Critical During Covid

In recent years, more and more proof points have emerged that well-designed, externally-provided professional learning can drive significant improvements in both teacher and student-level outcomes, and do so at a fraction of the cost of the average school system’s annual spend on professional development. We explore why scaling this type of professional learning for educators is critical, the impact it can have on student learning, and what still remains to be learned.

Our Predictions for SY 2021-'22

Setting students up for success is crucial every year, but particularly so following the trauma and disruption caused by the pandemic. Here’s what we predict will be critical in ensuring children can both recover and accelerate in the upcoming academic year.

Announcing Overdeck Family Foundation’s Financial Support of the Tools Competition 2021-22

We're proud to support the 2021-22 Learning Engineering Tools Competition, alongside Schmidt Futures, Citadel founder and CEO Ken Griffin, Walton Family Foundation, and Siegel Family Endowment. Co-funding this event is an important next step in ensuring that we continue to make progress in our goal of finding and funding early stage organizations, and supporting them to develop, innovate, and test new solutions and programs that improve key academic and socio-emotional outcomes for all children.