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An Update to Our Foundation’s Research Strategy

We’re refreshing our Foundation's research strategy informed by what we’re seeing across the education landscape and hearing from our grantee partners. Here, we highlight our vision for investing in evidence-building, with insight into the types of research grants we seek to fund in 2024, as well as the substantive areas we’re eager to learn more about.

Now Available: 2023 Grantmaking & Impact Report

In 2023, Overdeck Family Foundation disbursed $53.5 million to almost 100 grantee organizations, collectively reaching over 66 million children, 3.9 million families, and 500,000 educators nationwide. Our 2023 Grantmaking & Impact Report highlights what our grantmaking accomplished and uplifts the successes of the organizations we fund.

2023 Bright Spots: Unlocking Innovation

Here, we highlight stories of how our funding helped "Cyberchase," Khan Academy, Science Buddies, and Tools of the Mind unlock innovation—developing and launching new approaches, interventions, or models that address unmet needs.

2023 Bright Spots: Unlocking Evidence

Here, we highlight stories of how our funding helped FIRST, LENA, New Jersey Tutoring Corps, and OnYourMark unlock evidence to advance field knowledge or validate program models.

2023 Bright Spots: Unlocking Growth

Here we highlight how our funding helped DiscoverE, EdReports, FluentSeeds, and Teaching Lab unlock growth in 2023, measured by increased earned revenue and reach, improved capacities, and follow-on funding.

Register Now: Overdeck Family Foundation’s 2023 in Review

Join us on Wednesday, January 31 from 1-2:30 p.m. ET for a special panel conversation to celebrate the launch of Overdeck Family Foundation’s 2023 Grantmaking & Impact Report. Leaders from 12 nonprofits across our portfolios will share how their organizations unlocked innovation, evidence-building, and growth this past year.

Our Predictions for 2024

Last year, our leadership team sat down to reflect on what we’ve seen across the education and philanthropic landscape, in addition to what we’re learning from our peer funders and grantee partners. Here, we assess the accuracy of our predictions for last year, and build on that analysis with our predictions for 2024.

Perspectives: Education Success Starts With Family Involvement. Why Aren’t Donors Funding It?

Families’ involvement in their children’s learning is a vital component in academic achievement, but for a number of reasons, can often be a challenge for parents and caregivers. Stephanie Sharp and Ambika Kapur urge education funders to prioritize investing in evidence-based supports to help schools and families overcome barriers to engagement, improving outcomes for children.

2023 End-of-Year Research Update

We are committed to promoting transparent research practices by lifting up timely findings. Here, we share the results of 15 grantee research efforts that concluded at the end of this year.

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Reflecting on the Foundation's 2023 CEP Results

The Foundation’s 2023 Center for Effective Philanthropy Grantee Perception Report showed improvements in key areas including thought leadership in the field, impact on grantees, and grant reporting processes, as well as some critical opportunities for growth. Here, we highlight notable takeaways and share how grantee feedback will inform 2024 plans.