Our goal: All children have access to high-quality out-of-school STEM experiences that help them achieve their full potential.

Children’s time outside of school should be spent cultivating curiosity and strengthening skills, which is what the best STEM experiences are designed to do.

Our Inspired Minds portfolio supports direct impact and ecosystem organizations that expand access to high-quality afterschool and summer STEM programs, allowing children to unlock their curiosity and explore mind-expanding challenges. Knowing that families are critical for supporting children’s learning, we also fund work that aims to strengthen family STEM learning opportunities and environments.

Our Learnings

There's a 6,000-hour education gap by sixth grade.

Out-of-school programs and resources improve both social-emotional and academic measures.

Early math skills are the best predictor of later academic success.

Children cannot be what they do not see.

Three out of ten Americans consider themselves bad at math.

Grantee Spotlight

Learn more about some of the work funded by the Inspired Minds portfolio.

Camp Invention

Summer programming to nurture students' interest in STEM and innovation.

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Activating the power of collaboration between teachers, students, and families.

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Learn Fresh - NBA Math Hoops

Strengthening students' STEM skills through interactive games.

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Afterschool Alliance

Advocating for increased access to high-quality afterschool opportunities for students nationwide.

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The Family Math Initiative

Working with families to increase children’s early math fluency and confidence.

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Our Approach

Increase Summer and Afterschool Opportunities

Increase access to high-quality out-of-school STEM experiences by scaling cost-effective, evidence-based programs that span summer and afterschool time.

Our Approach

Expand Family STEM

Increase availability of family STEM opportunities and environments, funding organizations that support families in playing a deeper role in their children’s STEM learning and identity.

Our Approach

Improve Program Quality

Improve program quality and support of afterschool STEM through validation, field building, knowledge generation, and advocacy efforts.

High school students doing an experiment at a science lab. Image provided by Students2Science.
Children experiment with science outside of school. Image provided by STEM Funders Network.
Young girl drawing with chalk on the playground. Image provided by DonorsChoose.org.

Our Questions

How do engaging out-of-school STEM learning experiences influence children’s social-emotional development and science and math achievement?

What is the impact of a deeper home-school connection on children’s science achievement, math achievement, STEM identity, and self-efficacy?

What are the most impactful ways to help parents place as much early emphasis on math skills as they do on reading?

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