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The Case for Closer School-Home Connections Post-Pandemic

When schools shut down last March, parents suddenly became tutors and teachers. Schools, no longer able to send information home in backpacks, had to find new ways of communicating. These developments accelerated an appreciation of family engagement to a degree hard to imagine a year ago.

Op-Ed: The Post-Pandemic Role of Education Philanthropy

Though the pandemic seems to be coming to its long-awaited conclusion, the months ahead are going to be daunting, Here's how foundations can help as school systems face the dual challenges of learning recovery and acceleration, while supporting students’ academic and socioemotional needs.

How Constraint-Driven Innovation May Improve Outcomes

In this op-ed, our Foundation's Vice President, Anu Malipatil, spotlights the incredible innovation our grantees have shown within the constraints of the coronavirus pandemic. Much of this innovation incorporates technology, something that was previously a nice-to-have and is now a necessity.