We seek to open doors for every child in the U.S. by measurably enhancing education both inside and outside the classroom.

In order to succeed, children need access to strong foundations for early learning, exceptional educators, innovative schools, and engaging out-of-school opportunities. We support organizations and researchers that work toward these goals, helping early-stage initiatives develop and validate their programs and scaling evidence-based growth-stage organizations looking to achieve greater impact.


Recent News

Grantee Spotlight

Saga Education

Bringing high dosage math tutoring to more students through blended-learning 

Early findings from a five-year RCT show that students in Saga’s blended-learning model achieve similar outcomes to their peers in the fully in-person tutoring program: a gain of almost two years’ worth of math in one academic year. Because the blended-learning model allows tutors to work with more students, it’s also more cost-effective than Saga’s traditional program, allowing district dollars to help more students.

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Khan Academy

Expanding access to free educational resources for all students

Khan Academy’s democratization of educational resources is changing student trajectories. Our goal is to help make Khan Academy available to as many students as possible.

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Public Impact’s Opportunity Culture

Helping teachers produce extraordinary results in America’s public schools

Overdeck Family Foundation supports Public Impact’s Opportunity Culture professional learning work across more than 360 schools. Rigorous analysis from three school districts shows that, on average, when placed on teams led by high-performing teachers, teachers who previously performed at the 50th percentile produced student learning gains equivalent to those of teachers in the top quartile in math and nearly that in reading.

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Scaling a program that partners with families and schools to improve academic and SEL outcomes for preschoolers

Meet ParentCorps, a family-centered, school-based program that transforms the pre-K experience in historically disinvested neighborhoods. Research shows that ParentCorps has meaningful and sustained impacts on children’s academic achievement, mental health and physical health, one of very few early childhood programs with demonstrated impact on all three critical areas of development.

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Family Math Initiative

Increasing early math confidence to bridge the achievement gap

The Family Math initiative supports organizations that expose children to math early and often in non-academic settings, helping children and families be confident in math from the get-go. Learn more about our support of early math in collaboration with Heising-Simons, Gates, and McCormick Foundations.

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Opportunity Insights

Using cross-disciplinary datasets to improve student success

Economists Raj Chetty (Harvard), John Friedman (Brown), and Nathan Hendren (Harvard) are linking education and non-education data to improve economic opportunity and upward mobility.

Their Opportunity Insights institute aims to use this data to document both the decline of the American Dream and potential solutions to revive it.

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A SAGA tutor works with students. Image provided by SAGA Innovations.
Children laughing in a classroom. Image provided by Khan Academy.
Teacher working in a small group. Image provided by Public Impact's Opportunity Culture.
A child and her mother listen to a presentation. Image provided by ParentCorps.
Adult working on a project with a child. Image provided by Education First.
Opportunity Atlas map, provided by Opportunity Insights.

Our Investment Areas

Overdeck Family Foundation provides funding across five focus areas, encompassing the whole child from birth through high school both inside and outside the classroom.

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Early Impact

Support families, caregivers, and communities in accessing and using evidence-based parenting practices proven to make a difference in the early lives of children.

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Exceptional Educators

Empower teachers by providing them access to evidence-based preparation, high-quality instructional resources, and ongoing professional learning and leadership opportunities.

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Innovative Schools

Partner with schools to create student-centered, evidence-based learning environments that are responsive to learner and community needs.

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Inspired Minds

Improve access to out-of-school STEM opportunities, allowing children to unlock their curiosity and explore mind-expanding challenges.

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Data for Action

Increase the connectivity and usability of data in order to accelerate insights that improve practice and policy for children and families.

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How We Work

We invest for real-world impact

Our funding is designed to help early-stage initiatives develop and validate their programs and scale evidence-based growth-stage organizations looking to achieve greater impact.

We value genuine connection

We support organizations that respond to local needs and contexts, commit to a culture of learning and improvement, and incorporate community voice.

We are dedicated to collaboration

We value collaborative thinking, both in our work with grantees and with fellow funders. Our partnerships are designed to maximize impact, scale, and knowledge—advancing the field as a whole.