Our goal: Harness data to empower the education sector to make impact-driven, cost-effective decisions.

We know evidence generation and usage doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Access to new and siloed education datasets, along with novel research methods, can power the production of evidence and timely learning. Making this evidence useful requires platforms that disseminate and contextualize it for target audiences including districts, schools, and families.

Our Data for Action portfolio increases education data availability, integration, and utility, with the goal of generating and applying critical insights that improve educational outcomes for children.

Grantee Spotlight

Learn more about some of the work funded by the Data for Action portfolio.

Coleridge Initiative logo

New York University’s Administrative Data Research Facility

Creating a new approach for sharing data across agencies and states.

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Urban Institute logo

Urban Institute’s Center on Education Data and Policy

Making high-quality federal education data available for fast analysis.

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Stanford CEPA SEDA logo

Stanford Education Data Archive (SEDA)

Finding bright spots in existing education data.

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Opportunity Insights logo

Opportunity Insights

Increasing upward mobility through a cross-disciplinary research lens.

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Portfolio Details

Our Approach

Increase access to new and existing data that can be leveraged to generate research and inform action.

Portfolio Details

Our Approach

Leverage big data, innovative methods, and AI to produce novel research.

Portfolio Details

Our Approach

Develop resources that inform educators and families based on evidence of impact and cost-effectiveness.

Children at the library looking at books. Image provided by Campaign for Grade Level Reading.
A Harvard Strategic Data Fellow at a Highlander Institute event.
Children sitting down during storytime. Image provided by Campaign for Grade Level Reading.

Our Questions

How can we build access and connectivity between education and other datasets to reveal new insights that improve education outcomes?

How do we leverage scalable platforms and national networks to disseminate and act upon data in local communities?

What forms of information and storytelling enable parents to effectively engage in increasing the quality of learning for their children?

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