Our Investment Areas

The Foundation's investment areas encompass the whole child from birth through high school, both inside and outside the classroom. We focus on 1) early childhood, 2) educators, 3) schools, 4) out-of-school STEM opportunities, and 5) the use of data, including education data, to improve policy and practice.

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Early Impact

Support families, caregivers, and communities in accessing and using evidence-based parenting practices proven to make a difference in the early lives of children.

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Exceptional Educators

Empower teachers by providing them access to evidence-based preparation, high-quality instructional resources, and ongoing professional learning and leadership opportunities.

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Innovative Schools

Partner with schools to create student-centered, evidence-based learning environments that are responsive to learner and community needs.

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Inspired Minds

Improve access to out-of-school STEM opportunities, allowing children to unlock their curiosity and explore mind-expanding challenges.

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Data for Action

Increase the connectivity and usability of data in order to accelerate insights that improve practice and policy for children and families.

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