TNTP’s release of The Opportunity Myth study garnered extensive coverage in ednews publications, including EducationDive, LA School Report, The74, and Chalkbeat.

The study found that the overwhelming majority of students have aspirations to attend college and achieve ambitious career goals; most students do what they’re asked in school but are still not ready to succeed after school given a lack of assignments that ask students to achieve grade level mastery; students spend most of their time without access to 4 key resources – grade appropriate assignments, strong instruction, deep engagement, and high expectations from teachers; and students of color, low income students, and ELLs have even less access to these 4 key resources than their peers.

Below are additional media highlights:

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  • EducationPost: Eighth-Graders Are Doing Fifth-Grade Work. No Wonder Our Kids Aren’t Ready for College.
  • EducationDive: Only a fraction of students consistently get grade-appropriate assignments