Approximately one-third of our foundation’s grant dollars support research efforts. As such, we have learned that research without dissemination plans is too often the tree that falls in the woods.

In fact, one of the most common requests we receive from our research grantees is advice on how to come up with a research dissemination plan that breaks through the noise. Often, this question comes after the study is over, which many times means researchers have already lost valuable time and opportunities to communicate their work and their findings.

To encourage our research partners to think proactively about how to disseminate their work, we have compiled the below key considerations and best practices when developing a dissemination plan. Note that this is not a comprehensive list and each situation poses its unique challenges and opportunities. This resource addresses the following categories:

  • Audience: Who are you trying to reach? Where do you reach them?
  • Message: What are you saying?
  • Materials: What is going to be shared?
  • Dissemination partners: What organizations, networks, or channels can help you reach your audience?
  • Timing: When do you share your information?
  • Evaluation: Was the dissemination successful?

We hope you find this resource helpful when thinking through the elements that make for a successful dissemination plan.

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