Welcome to Overdeck Family Foundation

At Overdeck Family Foundation, our vision is that learning is meaningful for all kids, putting each on a path to success. Our mission is to advance learning so that all kids realize their greatest potential.

74 million children in America.[i]
74 million future citizens, leaders, and visionaries.
Infinite potential.

A solid, healthy, early start sets children up for success at home, in school, and in life. As they grow older, great teachers, stimulating content, and mind-expanding challenges inspire their love of learning. And in our rapidly evolving world, it is our responsibility to reimagine schools in ways that do better for our kids.

This means we explore and invest in a few key areas:

Our curious, research-minded team recognizes the complexity of these issues and also believes in the power of collaboration to transform education. In addition to supporting promising ideas, we seek to identify gaps and inefficiencies in existing systems and develop creative solutions with our partners. We want to build proof points, shine a spotlight on what works, and scale successes broadly. This is how we hope to promote real change in the field and create the next generation of engaged, passionate, creative thinkers who can achieve their greatest academic potential.

[i] http://www.childtrends.org/?indicators=number-of-children