Overdeck Family Foundation aims to measurably improve outcomes at scale for all children in the U.S. by strengthening learning in and out of the classroom. As funders, we look for intersections between silos, backing innovative learning-focused initiatives that move the field forward, as well as proven practices that have yet to reach scale.


Our Portfolio
Overdeck Family Foundation provides funding across five focus areas, encompassing the whole child from birth through graduation both inside and outside the classroom:
  • Early Impact: supports organizations and researchers that meet families where they are, with evidence-based practices that are proven to make a difference in the early lives of children
  • Exceptional Educators: supports organizations and research that empower teachers by providing them access to evidence-based preparation, high quality instructional resources, and ongoing professional learning and leadership opportunities
  • Innovative Schools: supports research and organizations that partner with schools to create student-centered, evidence-based learning environments that are responsive to local needs
  • Inspired Minds: supports organizations that improve access to out-of-school STEM opportunities, allowing children to unlock their curiosity and explore mind-expanding challenges
  • Data For Action: supports research and organizations that increase the usability and connectivity of data in order to accelerate insights that improve practice and policy for children and families

How we work

  • We invest for real-world impact, funding evidence-based projects to help them achieve greater scale and embracing calculated risk when backing new ideas. We look for intersections between silos and potential to catalyze others, investing there for maximum effect.
  • We put communities at the center of our work, supporting organizations and researchers that are responsive to local needs and contexts and committed to a culture of learning and improvement.
  • We are dedicated to collaboration, both in our work with grantees and fellow funders. Our partnerships are designed to maximize impact, scale, and knowledge–advancing the field as a whole.