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The Family Math initiative aims to advocate for and advance the emerging field of “family math,” exposing children to math early and often in a non-academic setting. By providing children and families the tools and supports they need to be confident in math from the get-go, we hope to eliminate the achievement gaps that can result from lack of math exposure and ensuing math anxiety.

In 2019, Overdeck Family Foundation and Heising-Simons Foundation provided grants totaling $2.8 million over two years to PBS SoCal and Education Development Center with the goal of illuminating the practices and benefits of a community-wide approach to Family Math. These Learning Community Grants will not only allow these two communities to expand their Family Math programming, but will lift up effective strategies and tools that can be disseminated to other communities.

Partnering with us and Heising-Simons on this work is Education First, which is supporting cross-sector collaboration and driving advocacy and policy efforts aimed at making early math as important as early literacy.

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