How we Fund

How We Fund

Foundation Policies

Funding Philosophy and Guidelines

Funding Philosophy

  1. Invest in IMPACT
  2. SCALE what works
  3. Account for CONTEXT and TIMING
  4. Push for INNOVATION at intersections
  5. EXPERIMENT often and LEARN from failure


  1. Keep process LIGHT, not bureaucratic; PERSONALIZE to the extent possible
  2. Make process as EFFICIENT as possible and incorporate FEEDBACK LOOPS to improve
  3. Take a USER-CENTERED approach and use DESIGN to enhance user-experience
  4. Seek to be a PARTNER with organizations and aim to support their overall success
  5. Gain knowledge to make informed, wise, THOUGHTFUL decisions
  6. Collect data and information to hold OFF and organizations ACCOUNTABLE TO GOALS authentically valued by all
  7. Be GRACIOUS and HUMBLE in our funding
  8. Do work that will affect outcomes; strive to LEARN

Funding Criteria

Across all program areas, we fund organizations based on the following criteria:

  • Mission Alignment and Unmet Need: Organization’s work and services align to OFF’s mission. Based on context, timing, and landscape, the opportunity addresses an area of market failure or inefficiency.
  • Outcomes – Record of Achievement and Impact: We aim to fund high-quality programs that have a strong record of results over time, counterfactuals that prove significant benefit for participants, and a distinct competitive advantage.
  • Reach and Potential to Scale: To address areas of market failure or inefficiencies, we look for solutions that have significant reach and are poised to have increasing impact through evidence of scalability (e.g., program cost effectiveness, partnerships).
  • Organizational Capacity: Strength of Leadership and Management Team: We believe that leadership can have a profound impact on success. To this end, we fund organizations with effective, skilled leadership, management, and board.
  • Financial Strength and Sustainability: We look for evidence and history of a strong financial position, skilled fiscal management, a diverse funder base, and a deliberate path to long-term sustainability.

Potential Grantee Diligence Process Overview

Potential Grantee Diligence Process Overview

Currently, the Foundation is accepting unsolicited grant proposals only for large initiatives that will expand the reach of Bedtime Math, the P-3 numeracy program launched by our sister foundation, Bedtime Math Foundation. To learn more about Bedtime Math, please visit